Working in the hospital or surgery setting may require you to bundle your hair and keep it out of sight. Bouffant scrub caps are an ideal way to accomplish this task. They come in many different styles, colors and patterns. Deciding how you want to look can be done in many different ways. You can choose from animal styles, sports prints, abstract designs, solid patterns or science designs, just to name a few.

Animal Style

Bouffant scrub caps are a popular way to show that you love animals. Some interesting creatures that you can put on your cap include monkeys, giraffes and penguins. Of course, you can always choose to put your favorite animal on their too -- the choice is up to you! Many times, you have the ability to choose from many different types of animal prints. They come in a multitude of colors, or they may be styled with just a black and white background. Whatever the case, be sure that you check out all of the various kinds that are available so that you can discover your favorite one. There are so many different types of animals in the world such as birds, cats, dogs or fish, you will be able to put them on multiple pieces. This is a great idea as you will have many different ones to choose from when you go to work at the hospital, nursing or hospice facility.

Sports Prints

Are you a sports fan? If you are, think about using the mascot of your favorite sports team. This could be from the NFL, NBA or a college team. Is probably apparent that you will be able to find a sports print that will suit your needs. Typically, these are made with 100 percent cotton, and they are made in the United States. They wrap your hair in a tight bun so that it's hidden from sight. The only thing that others will see on top of your head is a Cool Looking cap that shows the sports team that you cheer for. Just be aware that you will probably get many compliments on your favorite team. Although, a fan of a competitor may call you out on your decision. Of course, this is okay as you are only wearing it for fun and to keep your hair wrapped up tight and out of sight.

Abstract Designs

Something that's very popular to wear includes prints with various abstract patterns. These can range from hearts and squiggles to leaves or triangles. There is no real continuity to these designs. They are abstract, but they look great. Some of these abstract designs are full of many beautiful colors. However, that is not always the case as you will probably discover that some of them contain only one or two colors. Typically, they are worn by individuals who just favor abstract designs. If you are one of those type of people, suggest that you order more than one is you will need to wash them in between times that they are worn. You can also purchase other types of styles and designs that you like.

Solid Patterns

It is probably fair to say that you may be the type of individual that just refers to wear a scrub cap that has a solid pattern. If you want to be a little less flashy, these type of products are available. They come in various colors that range from black, blue, red, green, pink, orange and purple. They still provide the same function as ones that are full of various colors or emblems. Choosing a solid color is often a way to distinguish yourself from others. It shows that you are not interested in providing an outrageous theme. A simple, solid color can be very appealing when it is sitting on top of your head.

Science Designs

Are you an individual who is a fan of science fiction movies or just the topic of science? These designs can be really fun and show your personality. Often, Star Trek or Star Wars characters can be used. These type of designs are sure to be a crowd pleaser and will definitely spark up a conversation with others who are also interested in these movies or TV shows. You could even have planets in this type of design. A pattern that included various planets and the moon would surely be a popular one to wear.

As you can see, we only touched on just a few categories of bouffant scrub caps that have worn by you or other individuals that you work with. You may want to consider buying yourself a few different types and getting some for coworkers as well. These make great gifts and are highly functional for someone that working in the medical arena. Be sure to check out all of the different types that we have available so that you can be sure to stock your drawer.


The University of Notre Dame has a long and distinguished history. If you are in alumn or know someone who is a fan of the Fighting Irish, you should consider getting them, or yourself, the Notre Dame scrub cap. This is a perfect way to show your allegiance to the blue and gold and let other coworkers know who you follow when college football season rolls around.

The Notre Dame scrub cap is printed with the colors of the school, which are metallic gold and blue. It is sized to suit the head of just about any man or woman. The style of the hat will definitely stand out when you walk the halls of the hospital or medical facility that you work at.

Scrub hats make an excellent gift for a resident, surgeon or a nurse who works in a sterile environment. While this University of Notre Dame scrub cap is not sterile, it looks much better than the bland, disposable type, and it also shows a bit of your personality.

If more than one is available, consider picking up a few for variety and different days of the week.

Men's Notre Dame Fighting Irish Embroidered Scrub Cap/Hat - One Size Fits Most
Men's Notre Dame Fighting Irish Embroidered Scrub Cap/Hat - One Size Fits Most
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